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Accomplishment for the CPNPs Tour of Duty

May 8, 2021 to October 15, 2021

The role of logistics reflects on what Sun Tzu said, that “The line between
disorder and order lies in logistics. As the country is confronted with heightened and
increasing acts of criminality and terrorism and to keep with the emerging challenges
of time, the PNP has to evolve into a more competent police force, thus, the agency,
under the Capability Enhancement Program (CEP), has put emphasis on the
acquisition and upgrading of its move, shoot, communicate, and investigate
capability. Likewise, it also includes the infrastructure and facilities development that
underscores the construction of police stations on PNP-owned, administered,
donated or occupied lands.

These are the key assets in boosting the operational as well as the
administrative readiness of all police units nationwide, gearing towards the vision of
the PNP to be a highly capable, effective, and credible police service.
Despite the hardships of the pandemic, DL remains committed to providing
timely, appropriate, and responsive logistics services to PNP administrative and
operational units - against all odds. DL had proven its reliability to respond to the
great tasks of providing sustained, timely, and responsive logistics, to achieve PNP