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Logistics Resource Management Division (LRMD)

Functional Relationship:

The Chief, Logistics Resource Management Division (LRMD) assists TDL on the administration and management of the logistical resources of the PNP.

The Assistant Chief, LRMD assists the Chief, LRMD in the execution of its duties and functions and acts as the Officer-In-Charge during his absence.

Duties and Functions:

The Logistics Resource Management Division (LRMD) is responsible in the management of financial resources of the Directorate for Logistics.

Budget & Fiscal Section (BFS)

Duties and Functions:

a. Prepares Budget Proposal for MOOE and Capital Outlay in coordination with other Divisions.

b. Attends Budget Preparation and Budget Hearing together with C, LRMD in DBM, Congress and Senate.

c. Prepares Program of Expenditures based on the approved General Appropriations Act (GAA).

d. Prepares Logistical Accomplishment Reports.

e. Receives and record all Notice of Fund Availability from Fiscal Division, DC for release to end-users.

f. Manages and controls the financial matters of the Directorate for Logistics.

g. Coordinates, prepares and processes modified disbursement vouchers/payroll of all various claims of all Uniformed and Non-Uniformed personnel assigned in the Directorate.

h. Counter-checks and updates all allotment advices issued to PNP units/offices.

i. Performs other functions as directed.

Management Section (MS)

Duties and Functions:

a. Prepares endorsement memo through Command Group for CPNP’s approval.

b. Liaises/Prepares communication for the Logistical Requirements of the PNP.

c. Assist LPPD in the preparation of PNP logistics budget and operating programs estimates.

d. Checks, assists, reviews, analyzes or evaluates the development of plans, policies, programs, projects of the different PNP units.

e. Prepares information/data which may be required by other Divisions.

f. Receives, records, classifies and maintains records/documents.

g. Performs other functions as directed.