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Logistics Resource Management Division

Functional Relationship

The Chief, LRMD assists the Director for Logistics on the administration and management of the logistical resources of the PNP.

The Assistant Chief, LRMD assists the Chief, LRMD in the execution of its duties and functions and acts as the Officer-In-Charge during his absence.

Duties and Functions

Budget Section

1. Coordinates the financial services for pay allowances of organic personnel; and
2. Processes and settles claims for pay allowances/salaries, travel expenses and commutation of leave of PNP personnel.

Fiscal Section

1. Prepares the Programs of Expenditures based on the approved General AppropriationsĀ  Act (GAA); and
2. In coordination with GSS, SMD, plans, coordinates and consolidates the Annual Procurement Plan (APP) for Common Use Office Supplies.

Management Section

1. Counter-checks and updates all allotment advices issued to PNP units/offices;
2. Submits to LPPD the necessary requirements for the preparation of the logistics quarterly, semi-annual and annual accomplishment reports; program review and analysis (PRA) and other updates/reports;
3. Prepares the PNP logistics budget and operating programs estimates;
4. Receives all office equipment and supplies and maintains its inventory; and
5. Monitors the serviceability of all office equipment (specifically on vehicles, Office Equipment and I.T Equipment).