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NHQ BAC Secretariat Division

Functional Relationship

The Chief, Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat Division is the principal staff of the Director for Logistics in managing the procurement process of the NHQ PNP.

The Assistant Chief, BACSD assists the Chief, BACSD in the execution of its duties and functions and acts as the Officer-In-Charge in his absence.

Duties and Functions

1.Manages all the procurement activities of the NHQ, PNP;
2. Consolidates and integrates submitted PNP Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) and develops the Annual Procurement Plan (APP);
3. Coordinates with Directorate for Comptrollership (DC) on matters pertaining to the payment of contracts;
4. Oversees procurement activities of the lower Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) and provides technical support when necessary;
5. Provides price monitoring list and registry of suppliers, contractors and consultants;
6. Coordinates with Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) regarding procurement activities;
7. Prepares supply contracts and resolutions; and
8. Answers complaints and inquiries on all procurement activities and provides sanctions if necessary.

Admin Section

1. Plans, administers and coordinates all matters pertaining to organic personnel management, office administration, communications and other support requirements of the BACSD;
2. Collects fees for the sale of bid documents;
3. Process and claims the honoraria and other financial requirements of BAC personnel;
4. Provides data which may be required by other divisions and other PNP units/offices;
5. Records all BAC activities and maintains/updates records of BAC documents and accountable properties.

Procurement Planning and Management Section

1. Prepares the Annual Procurement Plan;
2. Prepares status report of procurement;
3. Prepares coordinating communications on all stages of procurement and other BAC activities;
4. Coordinates with other offices/units in the preparation of plans, programs and projects;
5. Develops policies, guidelines and strategies relevant to procurement;
6. Reviews and evaluate projects and programs of different PNP units.

Supplier Registry and Records Management Section

1. Prepares an updated records of list of suppliers;
2. Keeps and disposes all procurement related documents including classified documents;
3. Maintains the record management system of the whole division; and
4. Provides data/information which may be required by other divisions.

Contract Administration Section

1. Prepares/reviews Supply Contract and equivalent resolutions;
2. Implements, monitors the adherence of the suppliers or the terms and conditions indicated in the approved supply contracts;
3. Coordinates with the end-users for the acceptance of goods and services;
4. Renders legal opinion to BAC members and recommends sanctions.