The Directorate for Logistics is mandated to assist the Chief, PNP in administration and management of logistics to support PNP operation (RA 6975).

Specifically, it shall perform the following functions:

  • Exercise supervision over the logistics – related activities of the Regional Offices and separate units; and control and supervision over the PNP logistics service staff;
  • Develop logistical concepts and doctrines to upgrade the PNP logistics operation and system and prepares logistics plans, programs, policies, procedures and guidelines relative thereof;
  • Provide guidelines for the direction and control of functions of supply, maintenance, facilities and installations, transportation and other logistics service in the PNP;
  • Undertake lateral and vertical coordination with other PNP units/ offices in relation to logistics operations, systems and organization and collates information relative thereto for future reference;
  • Develop and coordinate education and training programs on logistics;
  • Supervise the PNP logistics operation, system and organization;
  • Manage foreign procurement program of the PNP logistics organization;
  • Evaluate/assess the performance of the PNP logistics organization and take remedial step to improve/ upgrade the PNP logistics system.