Year Issued
199219931994199519972005 20062007 20082009 2010201120122015
SOP No.Title
1992SOP 22 1992 turn-over of command property inventory
1993SOP 04 1993 guidelines in the conduct of inspection …
1994SOP 03 1994 PNP eqpt standardization
1995SOP 6 1995 PNP procurement
1997SOP 08 1997 establishment, administration and mgnt of services and supply agreement
2005-01SOP 2005-01 firearms accountability information system
2005-02SOP 2005-02 permanent issuance of short firearms
2005-03SOP 2005-03 permanent issuance of handcuff
2006-001SOP 2006-001 Proper Disposition of Transportation at TMD, LSS
2006-002SOP 2006-002 Policy Guidelines in the Utilization and Security of ICT Resources
2007-01SOP 2007-01 PNP fleet card system
2007-02SOP 2007-02 procedures and guidelines in accepting donated lots and establishing priority lots
2007-03SOP 2007-03 Prioritizing Construction and Repair of PNP Facilities and Its Implementation
2008 13SOP 2008 13 Licensing of Firearms
2008- 01SOP 2008-01 policy on formulation_amendment of logistics policies
2009-01 SOP 2009-01 issuance and control of petroleum, oil and lubricants products
2010-001SOP 2010-001 Commercial Telephone Lines inside Camp Crame
2010-01SOP 2010-01 annual logistics inspection and physical accounting
2010-02SOP 2010-02 use of the star officers’ lounge
2011-001SOP 2011-001 Maintenance of PNP Building and Facilities
2011-002SOP 2011-002 procurement with PS-DBM
2012-002SOP 2012-002 mgmt and utilization of petroleum, oil and lubricants supplies
2015-001 SOP 2015-001 PNP fleet card system